Weather in & Around Balasore
The climate here is of the tropical type. Summers are quite hot with temperatures touching up to 40 degrees celsius and in winters it falls as low as 10 degrees celsius. Light cotton clothes are advisable in the summers here and moderate woolen clothing would suffice in winters.


Otherwise known as “The Vanishing Sea” lies at a distance of 16 kms. from Balasore. As the name suggests, the water recedes for 5 - 7 kms off the shore during low tide, which encourages tourists to walk into the sea for up to 5 kms. Its scenic beauty lies in the sand dunes, casuarinas plantations and glittering sea shells


As its name stands, it houses five Shiva lingams over which a stream flows throughout the year. This is a favorite picnic spot for visitors and is about 28 kms. from Balasore. It is surrounded by hills & forests. A forest trekking can be organized with the help of tourism department. 


It lies 22 kms. from Balasore. It houses the Jagannath Temple, which is the oldest temple of the district. The King’s Palace here is about 400 years old. It also has an Elephant sanctuary and trekking is popular here.


It is almost 93 kms from Balasore. It is a sandy beach surrounded by Casuarina trees. A Jeep drive to Digha is a rewarding experience. Boating facility is available here.


It is a wildlife sanctuary famous for elephants. Trekking can be organized here to view the scenic calm beauty of the forests. It is 40 kms from Balasore.


It is about 90 kms from Balasore. The holy shrine of Lord Chandaneshwar is a religious centre for the people of Orissa & West Bengal. Devotees flock here on festive occasions like the Charak mala.


Famous for the Khirachora Gopinath Temple, it is a place 8 kms from Balasore. It is said that Shri Chaitanya of the Vaishnavite culture, Madhabendrapuri, himself along with disciple Goswamis have visited Remuna and offered their prayers to Khirachora Gopinath. Thousands of pilgrims flock here through out the year.


It lies 80 kms from Balasore and has beautiful spots surrounded by dense forests and is famous for its waterfall.


It lies 120 kms from Balasore and is a National park with a tiger reserve with plenty of flora & fauna.


It is 110 kms from Balasore and is the second largest mangrove forest of the country. It houses a National park, a crocodile sanctuary and beautiful wildlife.